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Playing With A Frame

1 minute read

I wanted to try and create a 360 render/image viewer that allows you to walk through it. Ultimately I want to make it room scale if possible. Limited on time...

Zbrush And Woodworking

2 minute read

I spent about a month digging deep into Zbrush. There are a few channels on youtube that really pushed me into it and allowed me to get very comfortable with...

Sculpting Funko Pops Of My Kids

less than 1 minute read

As a part of my Zbrush learning, I sculpted some funko pop figures of my kids. I allowed them to paint them after the fact. With my daughter, the hair was th...

Current Project Table

1 minute read

I have several projects I have started. I am learning epoxy resin tricks and dealing with large amounts of it.


7 minute read

My son streams his games on YouTube. The setup is complex for a 8 year old to get going. He also had issues remembering to turn everything off when finished.

Kinematic Wave Sign

4 minute read

A friend of mine has 2 float tanks in Newport Kentucky. Think Tank Flotation is the name. It is located across from downtown Cincinnati and I volunteered to ...

Made An Eggbot But Bigger

less than 1 minute read

I have been wanting to build an eggbot for a few years. I printed one, made it work and realized it is too small. So, I redesigned one myself and used alumin...

4th Axis Even Closer

1 minute read

I have cut all the aluminum plates. Spray painted them and mounted them to the extrusion.

4th Axis A Step Closer

7 minute read

Last week, while waiting for something else to finish, I decided to wire up my 4th axis. That was easy enough because the wires matched colors on both sides....

Finally Adding My 4th Axis

1 minute read

I have not had the time to do this myself, but I was watching a Frank Howarth video on extending his CNC bed by 4 feet and posted a comment about possibly ad...

Brass Branding Iron On The Cnc B6r86

2 minute read

I have been wanting to try this for a while. I used a 12x2x.25 inch brass bar to carve my logo out of. Using Vectric Aspire, I was able to import my svg file...