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Bartop Arcade

1 minute read

I did not document anything with this project. I finished it and it has been around for months now. Might as well add it to my page.

Hole In The Wall

1 minute read

So, I found a design that I liked for my kids to have in their rooms. It would allow rearranging on the fly and allow additions and expansion with time. Howe...

I Just Finished Some Beer Transporters

less than 1 minute read

I wanted to attempt making several presents with my CNC. Just to try out replicating and then building several versions of the same thing. I think they cam o...

A Laptop Desk For My Daughter

less than 1 minute read

I just finished a laptop desk for my daughter after she saw the one I made for myself. Her favorite color, for now, is purple. I used purple dye on the board...

Adding A 4th Axis To My Cncrp4896 Pro

1 minute read

I ordered a 4th axis from AliExpress the other day. There was a sale, so I got it in hand within a week and it cost me around $400 shipped. Now that I have i...

Water Drop Ripple On Wood Cnc Project

3 minute read

I purchased a CNC router parts pro 4896 a while back. Took a month before I could build it and months to get time to do anything else with it. Finally, I’m s...

Just Bought A Large Cnc Router

1 minute read

3 weeks until I have my shipment, and then I will be diving in to this large format CNC router. I purchased mine from CNCrouterparts and so far they have bee...

Hue Dimmer Switch Possible Fix

2 minute read

I have been having many problems with the hue lighting system. About 10-15 lights regularly loose connectivity and show as not communicating. Most of them wi...

Home Automation And The Hue Api

4 minute read

I have been using Openhab for over two years now and most of the time I have used the Hue bridge and lights to connect Zigbee devices to my network. I only u...

Openhab 2 And Icon Possibilities

1 minute read

In the free time that I have, I am attempting to redesign the icons for openhab. I want to stay in line somewhat with the material design google now has on t...

Sidetrack From A Hackaday Post

1 minute read

While reading hackaday, I saw that someone copper plated a 3d print using a solution of acetone and graphite powder. After quickly creating some copper aceta...

A Novel Method Of Sensing

1 minute read

While listening to embedded, a podcast on embedded development, the interviewee described how he was capable of sensing the pulses emitted from the common wa...

New Year And A New House

1 minute read

So, even though i have a million projects I would like to be able to dedicate myself to, I have real matters to deal with.

Yet Another Usb Issue

1 minute read

Yesterday I rewrote the HID descriptors to allow for only buttons. the bits used are 0x01-0x20 and windows loads the driver fine. But for some reason the but...

New Way To Create Terrain Assets

less than 1 minute read

It’s probably crazy expensive, but maybe rental will be an option. You could go somewhere, fly it around and import in to your scene. Crazy times.

Usb Woes 1

1 minute read

After all of the work put in to understanding hid usb and creating my pinball controller, I sat down today and created a simple pinball game in unity.

The Future Of Ellen

less than 1 minute read

They definitely have the uncanny valley thing going for it. But that will slowly disappear and we will see this type of reality as normal.