I have recently stated to work with the vuforia sdk for unity. It is for ar, but it’s possible to remove the camera feed used as the background to them use the markers for loading scene content.

I am able to remove the background, but i think that the processing is still being done and then just not rendered. So if i can figure out how to force it to only load the content when the marker is seen, i may be able to reduce the overhead. Maybe not, but I’m going to try.

Qualcomm also has a beta program for ar headsets, which has a camera for vr. I have applied for the sdk, and hopefully they accept my application. There is still the issue of warping when using the vuforia sdk, and I’m working on using a combination of the cardboard sdk for warping alone and the vuforia sdk for marker recognition. I have been able to do them individually, but i think that the cardboard sdk overrides whatever vuforia is doing on the background. There has to be a way to combine them.

Maybe the new ar sdk will have warping built in, but it’s built for pass through use and may not have it at all.


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