So, I found a design that I liked for my kids to have in their rooms. It would allow rearranging on the fly and allow additions and expansion with time. However, they are charging an insane amount for what is very basic design and inexpensive materials. They are based in San Francisco, so their need to pay for rent is probably the real issue here. Not sure if they understand that using tech in your business means that they do not need to be in that place and could probably make it much less expensive by going somewhere else. Whatever their reasoning, I decided to blatantly rip their design off. They wanted around $800 for a desk that costs $35 in material cost.

Link to this file on Fusion online

Link to these files on Fusion online

While redesigning the setup for my specific space, I realized that I could add any sort of attachment method that exists. This would allow you to either make or purchase most brands of organizational stuffs out there to use within the same design and without being stuck with one over the other.

I will make the parametric designs and drawings available when I finish the base stuff. But as of now I have designed the wall panels and they can be updated using the parameters available to scale the size of the entire panel, the offset size for the holes and the thickness for machining. Then the rest of the designs scale to those numbers. I also have designed hooks, shelves, a table and I am working on pencil/pen organizing, steps, bookshelves, hanger shelves with poles. This design would work very well in a closet so that as things change, so can your layout.

My first table. The table and the wall together costs around $50. I was able
to cut 2 shelves and the supports and 5 hooks with several parts still being
able to be cut from the same board. It is one .5 inch board and one .75 inch

I hope that putting this design out there will enable others to do this themselves, or pay someone to have it cut for them at a fraction of the price that this company states. It is nothing special, it is just flat pack design with cnc joinery techniques used. Super simple and clean looking as well as highly expandable. I will say that the design uses material well. You can purchase all of the required components from any hardware store. It is unistrut, bolts, nuts, screws and plywood. Nothing special at all.


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