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I have been working on too many things in the past year to do anything other than the work. Finally I had a little time to record a project that I needed to do so that I can have better results and be faster at cutting my sheet goods to size.

While researching cabinet making and then attempting to build them, I realized that the tools I had were not sufficient. But, I just bought a new house and buying all of the tools that I want is not feasible at this time. So a nice sawstop cabinet saw was out of the question.

I ended up purchasing a Festool TS55 and a second rail so that I could cut sheet goods with accuracy. I was sold after watching many videos and comparisons. But the people at Woodcraft also sold me $36 connectors to put the two rails together. The thing is, those things suck.

So after fighting with my rails and realigning them constantly, I stumbled on a forum post that had what looked to be a very good design for different connectors. I built them, they are great and now I no longer have any issue with the rails moving out of alignment.

I wrote up an instructable to cover the build process. here is the link


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