I have been wanting to try this for a while. I used a 12x2x.25 inch brass bar to carve my logo out of. Using Vectric Aspire, I was able to import my svg file and then post the gcode to mach3.

I ran into several issues and ended up having to try 3 times before getting it right. I also had to order a smaller endmill to finish the cuts. First I used a 1/16 inch bit to clear most of the material out and then used a 1mm endmill to carve as much as it could out of it. I was taking .02” depths to cut. Then I used a 4.85 degree tapered endmill with a .8 mm ball nose tip at a height of .01” to clear the remaining edges. It did leave a couple of spots in which the material was very thin. But the end result did not show that in the burn I did.



next I attempted to braze the stamp to a brass rod. I am not sure what I did wrong, but this is the first time I have attempted brazing and it did not work. The flux melted, but I could not get the rod to melt into the void. I did get it to melt one time, but it globbed up and fell off immediately. i was fooled into thinking it might have worked because the flux stuck the parts together well, until heated again. Then I just placed the stamp onto the board and heated it directly. It worked, but I need to figure out the brazing issues I am having.

I used an Oxygen-Propane glass torch and I got the brass dull red and it still did not work. I am obviously doing something wrong and the youtube videos I have found on brazing look easy enough to replicate, so I may have the wrong rods, or the second material I am using is not brass. I found it, it looks like brass, so I do not know as of now. I will keep at it and may try to tap what little material is left in the back to attach it to a threaded rod instead. But I really want brazing to work.


I was able to finally get the rod attached. It is not pretty, but it finally worked. Definitely had to get it hotter than I did previously.


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