I wanted to try and create a 360 render/image viewer that allows you to walk through it. Ultimately I want to make it room scale if possible. Limited on time I just started from the easiest part and made it stationary.

I rendered some scenes in blender. I imported a collada of my house design that I created years ago. Updated most of the materials to work better in a render. Took a few of my designs from fusion and from Zbrush and imported them as well.

After upgrading to blender 3.1 I saw that they added a VR viewer. However, unlike blender XR, you cannot do anything but view and walk around. It is also limited in the ability to render out shadows and the resolution is not great. Hopefully they focus on this capability. It really would help to design layouts. Adding the ability to render and bake out everything into a VR viewer that gives more of a game engine capability and better visuals would help in archviz for sure.

First I created my rough property object using a drone and reality capture to process it. Then cleaned it up somewhat inside of Zbrush. I have a lot of work on thsi model before it is clean. However, I reduced the size from 7GB to 559MB for better performance in blender.


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