I have several projects I have started. I am learning epoxy resin tricks and dealing with large amounts of it.

I bought 13 gallons of deep pour epoxy and 3 gallons of some uv resistant epoxy. I have some ideas and want to attempt to make them.

First off is a table made of Cherry with some very nice curl throughout it. I dyed the opxy black for the center “river” and created a carved symbol in the center. The symbol I used is the katet symbol from the dark tower series of books by Stephen King. In my opinion, the best series of books ever.

Ka-tet is a term in High Speech for a group of people drawn together by ka for a purpose

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Basically, family. I figure that the symbol is perfect for a table. Gathering around it with friends and family for a palaver. Tell stories and converse between the groups and individuals to become closer.

I carved the symbol from ash and placed it in the center to be filled with clear epoxy. I was working with glitter a couple weeks before and no matter what I did, ended up with several pieces in it. I will just try and think of them as the poles of the beams. They are represented in the books as crystal spheres of different colors. glitter works for that.

I have finished the table. It seems impossible to make black epoxy perfect. So much polishing.


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