Currently I am still designing this table. I recently purchased a resin printer that, once I printed the first objects, made me realize the potential of this.

I have a table that I need to replace the top on. It is a circular bar top style table. I have seen the acrylic painting in layers to create a 3d version of somethign within resin. The time and skill required for that is much too high for my time allowances. I decided to whip up a sculpt of a stylized koi fish in zbrush. I have printed a few test versions to see where I can take it. SO far, these are what I was able to output.

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I first used a clear resin from syratech and the viscosity of it did not allow for proper drainage of the resin and ended up curing the head to the base. I should have raised the model higher. However, this is only the 3rd print I have made and the first of that resin.

I then switched it to the standard grey from elegoo instead. That model came out great. The only issue with that is the smallest features break very easily and must be dealt with very carefully to not do it. It still came out pretty great and almost looks like the sculpt render itself.

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I then went back into zbrush and curved the sculpt to make the tail and the whole figure more rounded so that it fits the design I am going for. Ultimately this will be 2 fish circling the center of the table. One fish has a white body with a black spot and the other is the opposite. They represent the sun and the moon in the show and also make a yin yang simple.


Next I had to paint them. I built a little spray booth to work with my airbrush. Just learning how to airbrush now on this project.

This was build from some scrap materials and a server fan. Added a house hvac filter to the back side. Then a few strips of LEDs in channel to light up evenly. Works perfectly.

Here are a few shots of the fish throughout the painting process.





Next, I used a cake pan for the form. Filled with rocks from the creek after washing in acid to remove anything. Added the fish in the right pose and poured epoxy with a small amount of blue dye.

20210226_164340.jpg 20210227_192737.jpg






20210302_182735.jpg 20210302_182555.jpg


This is were I have left it for now. I still have a table in mind. The hardest part is done though. I think they came out pretty decent.


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