Well now, do we have a new paperclip problem?

Since the dust is settling, it seems that the clear winner in this AI space today is Microsoft.

Hopefully the superalignment project stays running. The paperclip problem is completely different now with clippy involved. All we can do is watch. The fact that Ilya is going as well does show that either he does not want to abandon his baby or sees promise. Either way, people being around the development that are in tune with what sort of outcome we might want to strive for is somewhat comforting.

This does make me rethink my development though. how stable will everything be? Will I ahve to change to microsoft entirely for API access? Many questions come to mind in this quickly advancing tech and it would be nice to have clear roadmaps. Microsoft documentation is always nebulous when trying to deal with errors. Hooefully they add more than random seeming 0X errors pointing to huge amounts of possible reasons.


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