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Why can't I go a single day without wanting a new project. At this point, I'm up to a hundred projects that need completing. I have most of the parts, but none of the time needed to complete them. I have drawers of components with labels to entice me in to a weekend project.

I'm going to lie to myself and say that this one, this one will decrease my work flow time. Although, I'll spend a month deciding how to build it. At least i already have the components to build this. He doesn't have the exact measurement, but I'm already planning on making the hid calipers, so why not use those calipers to perform the task? I just need to purchase the digital protractor as well. 

His device is using potentiometers and servos to calculate distance moved. But this has been solved by using capacitance in the pre made devices out there.  the accuracy over distance is very good up to 6 inches, which for most tasks is good enough. I've thought about using potentiometers, optical encoders, magnetic encoders, and laser distance sensors. These all have shortcomings, in accuracy or in resolution. Off the shelf devices using capacitive sensors are accurate enough and less than $20 each. Lots of the inexpensive models have some sort of serial communication built in and taking advantage of that is my plan. 

I would like to use the same code, but modified to work with the of the shelf products and some 3d printing. ID i have time to complete this, i would love to add it to my list of tools. 

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