Testing Sketchfab WebVR

I am inserting a test file in the site to see if I can launch models I am working on, within windows mixed reality. Maybe I can create a workflow from this for design. 

I was able to import this house model, without any textures or materials bu directly pasting the web link in the embed function of squarespace. However, the second model did not import. It has materials added. I tested it many ways. Waited for the embed function to eventually work. The help section suggests to wait and it will work. It does not.

Instead, I decided to just add some text to the link while putting it in. It seems that if you add "/c" or "/" and any letter or number, it then works. Maybe this is a regex issue, if they use it. I do not know, but adding any character after a forward slash does it. Weird.

Test Embedding 360 photo

Adding A 4th Axis to My CNCRP4896 Pro

Adding A 4th Axis to My CNCRP4896 Pro